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This collection of horror games like silent hill features scary experiences where youll play an average person stuck in a psychological horror adventure. Dying inside from the worlds largest community of readers. Leaving the troubled woman behind, james passed through the graveyard and. Silent hill 2 is still considered by many to be a landmark game and a genuine contender for best ever, mostly due to its compelling story. Please read the description i decided to upload this video because marys letter, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful and sad moments in silent hill. If however, you like the universe of silent hill, the atmosphere, and the ongoing story, then definately check these out. Also every named person in that particular graveyard is a main character in silent hill 2, and the series walter sullivan for instance appears in every silent hill game upto atleast sh4. James passed through the graveyard and found his way back to the path that stretched and wove though the forest by the lake. Book depository books with free delivery worldwide. Mama is an undead monster and a boss from silent hill. The music box is one of three needed to solve the music box puzzle in the main lobby on the first floor of the hotel trivia. What i did wonder is, if it were true that mary was in the trunk, when exactly james did bury his memory within his subconscious. Though its precise size is unknown, it is estimated to be roughly 60 acres. Silent hill 2 is brilliant but short, so it shouldnt be a problem to complete it in under 3 hours on your second or third run.

Miriam k traitor gravestone in sh2 silent hill wiki. Digitalculturebooks, an imprint of the university of michigan press, is dedicated to. The briefcase code is a small puzzle in silent hill 2. I hope your time here will be pleasant and your memories will last forever. In my dreams, i see that town silent hill playstation 2 s silent hill 2, was the first video game i ever played that totally enveloped me into the story, and made me realize how video games are their own very special kind of art. After over 6 years, i return to silent hill 2 for my summer anniversary event. Recently ive had a very strong craving for psychological horror books that capture the atmosphere, themes, and emotion of the silent hill games, specifically silent hill 2 and silent hill 3. The story of silent hill 2 revolves around james sunderland in the search of his wife mary, actually mary died 3 years back due to chronic disease, but james went to look for her because he received a letter written to him from mary. Walk forward until you see a girl crouching down in front of a tombstone. The act of putting a corpse in the trunk would suggest that he still knew what he had done and was doing.

Silent hill 2 walkthrough introduction and the beginning. Obtaining this trophy is easy if you dont stray off. Translation in progress of the official novelization of silent hill released in japan. In order to open this, youll need to do a few steps. Silent hill heaven view topic the trunk theory and. Continue down the singular path into the graveyard. Its rather flat and repetitive in places, highlights a little too clearly some of the games more.

Theyre all fantastically written and drenched with atmosphere. Personally, i think 1 and 2 are the only ones in the series that are truly great. He wasnt filled with a sense of loss, he just felt like his life wasnt worth living. The dense mist hung over the world like a sea of clouds that fell from the sky. This is the first meeting with angela at the graveyard just before you reach the town of silent hill.

The second installment in the silent hill series, silent hill 2 centers on james sunderland, a widower who journeys to the town after receiving a letter from his dead wife informing him that she is waiting there for him. The story at first seems eratic, but the last section brings it all together and puts the story into place like so often happens in silent hill. Silent hill 2 is an official konamipublished novelization of silent hill 2, written by sadamu. Silent hill 2 is a survival horror video game published by konami for the playstation 2 and developed by team silent, part of konami computer entertainment tokyo.

Silent hill graveyard once you enter the graveyard, a cut scene will play out. This ost is played when we are first introduced to angela orosco in the graveyard. I am aware that atleast the first 2 or 3 games had their own novelizations, but its actually rare to find as their game are as well. Silent hill results music rank screen akira yamaoka duration.

This is the hd collection on the ps3, which is why there is fog the 360 version was never patched. Toluca graveyard is located to the east of south vale silent hill, north of which is toluca lake. Silent hill 2 is a great game but suggesting it outdoes the first one to the point that it may as well not exist is ridiculous hyperbole. Enter through the gate at the end of it to enter the graveyard. James will be greeted by a mysterious woman named angela. I decided it was time to look for something in books. The box has an icon of the snow white on top, which is a reference to a wellknown german fairy tale. Wish silent hill had published books in addition to graphic novels.

Because there is no map for the area, protagonist james sunderland draws his own as he explores it. Stephen king in silent hill monsters of the week ragnarrox. Silent hill is an example for psychological horror in video games. From a story perspective, is silent hill 2 the greatest. For those that dont know much about these games, let me quickly explain but, for those that already. The installments in the silent hill series utilize a thirdperson view, with occasional fixed camera angles. Looking for books similar to silent hill 2 story and themewise. If you havent already, i suggest the silent hill 2 novel, its kinda short, but, its definitely different. Troy abernathy doesnt believe in ghosts or demons except those of the mind. I wonder if atleast some author out there has a work similar to silent hill and its themes and mythos. The novel from the worlds largest community of readers. As well as the main video game series, numerous types of accompanying merchandise have been released.

I just finished the 7 12 deaths of evelyn hardcastle, and i would like my next read to compare in suspense, mystery, and twistiness. What message is his wife trying to send from beyond the grave. Eric and tina must save their friend george from mama. Silent hill is like twin peaks, a town of sullen diners, abandoned amusement. Its really hard, almost impossible, to get this novels. If you enjoy graphic novels too, then these are fun. This creature resembles a giant, female mannequin with extended arms and legs that make it easier to reach targets from a far distance. When you zoomed in on the butt i knew id like this channel. And i beat silent hill 2 about seven times and i died a lot too. That cheap little brochure was the reason mary and james visited silent hill all those years ago.

The labyrinth is an underground maze in silent hill 2, located somewhere beneath toluca prison andor the silent hill historical society. I really have not read much horror so i dont even have a lead on this one. Translation of the official novelization of silent hill 2 released in japan in 2006. Silent hill 2 hd the 2nd run playthrough pt2 graveyard. Outskirts of silent hill silent hill collection wiki. It kidnaps george and attempts to kill him, while eric lake and tina attempt to save him. Youll find a locked briefcase in room 202 of the lake view hotel.

Although there were many books scattered across the floor, the majority of them. Outskirts of silent hill silent hill 2 wiki guide ign. Looking for books similar to silent hill 2 story and. Also, please check out the silent hill 2 faq links at the top of the forum page. The elegant spines of many wellkept medical books were tightly lined up on a. Also as that is in essence the prisons graveyard everyone in that graveyard has committed a crimesin. Are there any books that even come close to pulling this off. Toluca lake is a large lake surrounded by forest in the silent hill series. I like that mysteriouscreepy town horror, you know where the protagonist explores a town thats either dead or have some creepy stuff going on. Horror books that are like silent hill games i like that mysteriouscreepy town horror, you know where the protagonist explores a town thats either dead or have some creepy stuff going on. Its true that the idea is suggested in silent hill chronicle, but its still only a suggestion. It is written in japanese and was translated into english by lady ducky for the most part, the novelization could be seen as canon since its a rather faithful novelization of silent hill 2 and doesnt really. Louise box puzzle codes silent hill 2 forum neoseeker.

Miscellaneous adaptations of silent hill have been released, including various in print media, a feature film, and spinoff video games. Silent hill will move you and fill you with a feeling of deep peace. Luckily i was trying to get the silent hill 10 star ranking avdavies guide before i tried to get the 10 star ranking in silent hill 2 so that helped me out a lot too. Given that this is essentially a retelling of said story theres little way in which it could actually be bad and thankfully, for the most part, it isnt. It is said, in my restless dreams, i see that town. Silent hill is a survival horror video game franchise created by team silent and published by konami and konami digital entertainment. The gloryseeking doctors world is shattered when he brings patient lynn deangelis to silent hill.

The snow white music box is a puzzle item found on a shelf in the pantry on the first floor of the lakeview hotel in silent hill 2. The silent hill 2 novel silent hill 2 is an official konamipublished novelization of silent hill 2, written by sadamu yamashita and containing illustrations by masahiro ito. Its nearly an objective fact that 2 outdoes 1 in terms of story but ive always found 1 to be scarier. I havent read anything that reminded me of silent hill, but i did write a story inspired by the series called corrupted love, and it sounds like that ghost story, the heart shaped box, is similar to it two main characters trying to. For silent hill 2 on the playstation 2, a gamefaqs message board topic titled any books like silent hill 2 or 4.

The graveyard is very small, with only a few graves and a small section overlooking toluca lake. It is know that toluca lake must be large enough to accommodate the construction of two midsized towns upon its shores, with those towns being. Are there any modern books similar to how twisted and wonderful silent hill is. Look under the hospital links section and go to the lockbox puzzle codes thread. Amazon second chance pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Want to check out other extended versions of silent hill 2 ost.

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